You know you do not need to hide your skin imperfections anymore

Acne treatment, your way to a smooth and scar-free skin

While there are many skin problems, acne remains the most common one. Are you tired of putting a lot of makeup to hide your acne? Fed up of trying numerous remedies to heal acne scars? SR Clinic Malaysia brings you a quick and painless way to a flawless skin that you can flaunt anytime, anywhere.


Advanced laser treatment for acne and scarring

The acne treatment, with the help of advanced laser technology, provides you with a painless solution to the blemishes and acne scarring. The treatment fills not only helps with complete removal of acne, but it also fills the residual bumps on your skin and gives your skin a crystal clear appearance.

The treatment not only liberates acne, but it also promotes the growth of new cells that fill up the acne scars, replace the pigmented areas and gives your skin a healthier and younger look. Moreover, the treatment also offers you a variety of solutions depending upon the type of acne and skin:


Ablative laser resurfacing


Non-ablative laser resurfacing


Fractionated laser treatment

Microneedling Cell theraphy acne treatment

This treatment uses your own blood cell to treat your acne scarring. And on top of that we are using our signature microneedling technique to create microinjuries to your skin surface for skin remodelling. It helps to promote the growth of new cells that fill up the acne scarring areas, and gives your skin a healthier and brighter complexion.

For more info on Cell theraphy please click here

Who doesn’t like having some extra benefits for the cost of one?

Both of our acne treatments have additional advantages that includes: Younger looking skin, clear skin, getting rid of pigmentation, healthier skin, cell growth promotion and tighter skin.

The treatment is not only confined to your face; our acne treatment is not just the treatment for facial acne, but also the body acne; be it your arms, neck, torso, face or back.

One treatment that works from head to toe

What are you waiting for? Stop hiding your skin under makeup, get the skin that you can show the world confidently by booking your appointment with SR Clinic Malaysia. Our clinic ensures the procedures are well researched and handled by the experts. Leaving no chance of failure and providing you with the promised results.


Frequently asked questions

The laser treatment and Cell theraphy treatment will not burn or injured the skin as it is done by license practitioner.

The laser treatment and the microneedling Cell theraphy treatment is a painless solution for acne.

Depending upon the type, severity and amount of areas, the treatment can include from one to several sessions.

The laser treatment and microneedling Cell theraphy treatment is a permanent solution for acne and scars.

Depends on the severity and the types of scarring. Both is equally effective to reduce acne scarring.

If any of these symptoms persist 24-48 hours’ post-treatment, contact your doctor immediately

  • Pain
  • Burning
  • Unusual skin changes
  • Pigmentation
  • Excessive redness