Dark circles are often very stubborn; it’s not an easy task to make them go away. However, the SR clinic Malaysia has the solution to get rid of these.

Have you ever experienced the complexity of finding a balance of work, where it gets hard for you to keep up with your busy scheduled routine, and the hectic routine can steal your sleep? Those sleepless are the reason behind your dark circles. Dark circles make a person look drowsy, overtired, and a lot older than they actually are.

  • Oversleeping
  • Age
  • Allergies
  • Sun Overexposure

  • Extreme
  • Eye Strain
  • Dehydration
  • Genetics


There are some medical treatments available for dark circle removal at SR clinic Malaysia. These approaches treat dark circles in an effective and long term manner.


1. Chemical peels: chemical peels help exfoliate and treat the dead cell layer under the eye, it also aids in lessening the amount of dark pigmentation, and boosts up the collagen production, this all result in youthful skin coming onto the surface.

2. Injectables: Panda eyes injection to decrease the appearance of melanin without causing any damage to the surrounding tissue. It also revitalizes the production of elastin and collagen, which helps you achieve more elastic and supple skin.

3. Tissue fillers: In this process, the hyaluronic acid gel is expertly injected under your eyes and make this area appear brighter. It covers up the blood vessels and melanin that causes skin discoloration beneath your eyes.


Frequently asked questions

Due to lack of sleep and stressed routine, these blood vessels under the eyelids accumulate stress and overtime these vessels break and appear as dark circles

Dark circle removal can be achieved by simple medical treatments. However, if the severity is low, getting adequate sleep, limiting the sun exposure, also applying cold compresses can help you with the removal of dark circles.

Yes, a dermatologist knows about a lot of non-invasive procedures that are specially designed to eliminate dark circles in a quick and painless method. Our experts at SR Clinic can help in this regard.

The best ingredient you can find in an eye cream is Vitamin C. Vitamin C helps remove free radicals and helps with brightening your skin. Adding, Vitamin C in your nighttime skincare routine can be very effective post-treatment skincare routine as it thickens the under-eye area and helps with getting rid of pigmentation.