Say a Permanent Goodbye to Double Chin?

When a person gains weight, the double chin is the first to come; but it comes to shedding it, a double chin is usually the last go. The double chin not only gives you a chubby appearance, but it also messes up your facial shape; ruining the perfect jawline and contours of your face. In an attempt to lose the double chin, rigorous diet and exercise will shed weight in the chin area, and the double chin may go away, but it does leave behind loose skin.

Tired of all those remedies for reducing your double chin? Worry no more, SR Clinic Malaysia brings you a permanent solution to the double chin. Reduce the double chin permanently, without leaving any signs of sagging skin. SR Clinic Malaysia can help bring back those wonderful facial contours. Our magical double chin reduction procedures guarantee you a permanent reduction in your double chin without any skin lurking behind.


What exactly does this dream come true procedure do?

We offer two distinct treatments for double chin reduction. The technique used on any client is mainly based upon the nature of double chin and a few more factors that our experts will consider before intervening to give you your much desired look.

LIPOLYSIS- The painless solution to double chin.
The lipolysis is a process that involves laser treatment for burning the fat accumulated under your chin. The procedure is safe and painless. What is better than a painless medical solution to a problem that you have been trying to get rid of for years?

Mesotherapy- The minimally invasive procedure that ensures guaranteed results.
The mesotherapy is done using specialized injectable substances that dissolve or melt the fat away, which means no incisions, no scars, and the treatment is only mildly painful.

Benefits of double chin reduction treatment

  • Getting rid of double chin within a matter of a few weeks.
  • No sagging of skin under the chin after fat removal.
  • Tighter and younger-looking neck.
  • Younger looker appearance.
  • Facial contour and shape improved.
  • Prominent jawline.
  • Healthier looking facial looks.
  • No scars left behind.

SR Clinic Malaysia brings you the perfect yet permanent solution for getting rid of the double chin. Younger-looking face and delicate neck are just one appointment away. Give us a call now and book your appointment, and we'll give yourself the appearance that you deserve. Get that perfect look which boosts your confidence and makes you feel good.


Frequently asked questions

The treatment is not painful.

It is mostly a permanent solution until and unless there is a lot of weight gain.

Mostly follow-ups are not needed once the procedure is done..

There is no scientific proof available for exercises or dietary changes to remove double chin permanently. Also, they usually leave behind loose skin which gives your face an old and unhealthy appearance.

Contact your doctor if the following symptoms appear

  • Excessive redness.
  • Pain
  • Unusual skin changes
  • Burning