Other Concerns

There are a variety of different treatments which are available in SR CLINIC. These includes but are not limited to: Stretch marks, Thinning or Uneven lips, Under eye bags, Broken capillaries, Double chin, etc.


Stretch marks

  • Stretch marks, elsewise known as striae is a type of scar which develops when the skin is stretched rapidly, which causes collagen and elastin to rupture. Stretch marks often develops during pregnancy or adolescence and may initially appear as purplish or reddish marks, which turns silver in appearance overtime. There exist various types of treatments which can aid individuals to fade the appearance of these stretch marks.

Thinning & Uneven Lips

  • Thinning or uneven lips often happens when we age, when our bones and gums recede affecting our physical appearances. The top of the lips tends to drop, turn inward, and look thinner, or loss of volume may occur which sags our skin downwards. The beautiful definition of our lip line may also be damaged by the sun. Lip enhancement by using dermal fillers can be used to enhance and regain your naturally thin lips. Consult one of your doctors today to find out which technique is most suitable for your lips.

Under eye bags

  • As we age, mild swelling or puffiness under the eyes becomes more obvious and more common. This is due to the tissues around our eyes, including the muscles which exists to support our eyelids weakens. Normal fat which then helps to support the eyes may move into the lower eyelids, causing our lids to appear puffier. Some side effect of under eye bags include mild swelling, saggy skin, and dark circles. You may consult our doctors to find out the most optimum solution to recover from under eye bags.

Broken/Dilated Capillaries

  • Broken or dilated capillaries are tiny blood vessels which may appear in any location of the body, but most found on the nose, or the face region. They have a reddish appearance to them and are not particularly harmful to one’s body, but they prevent an individual from having a clear, glowing complexion. In many cases, they do not heal or disappear on their own but may require laser or IPL treatment. Consult one of our doctors to find out the most ideal solution for treating broken or dilated capillaries.

Double Chin

  • A double chin occurs when submental fat develops below our chin. It is often associated with weight gain, but one does not necessarily have to be overweight to gain a ‘double chin’. Genetics or looser skin may contribute to the development of a double chin as well, and diet or exercises often have little to no effect when it comes to removing double chins. In SR CLINIC, we have the most advanced technology which may provide a solution to solving your double chin issue.

If you require further assistance regarding our facial, please do not hesitate to visit our locations for a personalised consultation.